Download Tips

Please note you will need a good broadband speed for downloads!

Easy automated synchronisation between your computer and your download (Recommended)

After you clicked on the download link in your email

you will see

Transfer with MEGA Desktop App “Read more”

click on “Read more” for detail & to download the App if you like to.

With the App you can click on all your download links and app will link to them and download them all for you.

You don’t have to download any apps or have or open any account to download your links (files/zips) you can just download via your browser.

If you installed any apps uninstall them. (Unless you’re used to them and happy using them)

We would recommend the Mega App for faster downloads but it is not required. 

Mac & PC Users: we recommend installing Google Chrome Browser for downloading due to the size of our packs.

We have tested & found Google Chrome Browser to be the best for downloading big or small files/zips.

Your download links are provided in the email that will be sent to your email address upon payment.

1. After you clicked on the download link in your email.

2. Just click on download.
(will now download through your browser without any apps being installed)

Tip: If download stops and says (temporary error, retrying)
Try pausing the download for 5 – 6 seconds then restart it this will normally restart the download.

When your computer has finished downloading it will open window asking where you want to save the download
(unless you know what your doing)

click on Desktop in left hand window
click on save it will save to your desktop

when you see a zipped folder on your desktop it as finished you can now start your next download.

Tip: Browser storage being full is not a mega problem but just understanding how to download ie: completing the download on to your desktop empties your browser storage.

Always best downloading 1 link at a time
as our files/zips are big and your browser can only hold a limited amount of storage.

Browser Tip:
If your having browser issues! you can try cleaning your browser history.

Delete your Chrome browsing history