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Wigan Pier Collection

Wigan Pier Collection

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The Wigan Pier Complete Collection 

Wigan Pier Volume 1 - 65
Wigan Pier Future Anthems Volume 1 - 22
Wigan Pier Dream Splash Series
Wigan Pier Klub Klassics Volume 1 - 6
Wigan Pier – Best of 2001
Wigan Pier – Best of 2002
Wigan Pier – Best of 2003
Wigan Pier Disco 2000 Vol. 1
Wigan Pier Disco 2000 Vol. 2
Wigan Pier Vocal Anthems Vol. 1
Wigan Pier Vocal Anthems Vol. 2
Wigan Pier Vocal Anthems Vol. 3

And so much more!!! 240+ hours of music, 1000s of songs!

Limited stock and product

(Not suitable for DJs as albums are mixed)

Please note that all USB & Digital Downloads sales are non-refundable. In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty USB item then please return it to us and we will issue a replacement on the same working day we receive it. Please visit the contact us section of the website for more information.

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